Louis Massing Premier Cru Rose


Pinot Noir: 60% Ier Cru (addition 12% still Coteaux de Champenois Ier Cru)

Chardonnay: 40% Ier Cru



Traditional Champagne pressing

Static settling (12 ° C during 24 Hours)

Alcoholic fermentation (18 ° C)

Malolactic fermentation carried out

Ageing on lees in stainless steel tanks during 6 months

Aging on slats for a minimum of 24 to 36 months

Dosage: 9 g/liter



A young Rosé born from a blend of Pinot Noir Ier Cru vinified with Coteaux de Champenois Rouge and Chardonnay Ier Cru. Upon tasting the silky power of Pinot Noir rings true and the hue is pale pink with salmon notes.


A beautiful, flowing effervescence with abundant mousse. The nose is discreet, but opens quickly with aromas of berries, particularly strawberry with aspects of plum confiture.

The mouth is expressive, fresh and full. The finish is seductive with notes of red berries and strawberry sauce.


A champagne to serve as an aperitif, but especially with game birds (quail, duck, pheasant) or fruit-based desserts.





Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Serving Temperature


Alcohol By Volume


Food Pairings

game birds (quail, duck, pheasant) or fruit-based desserts.