Artisans and Vines March Newsletter

An Inside Look of Pacheco Wines from Elena Pacheco

What inspired you to create your collection of wines?
The need to place value to the legacy of my grandfather, my father and so many old people of this area who have taken care of the vineyards, generation after generation. It is our responsibility to maintain and to show the identity and the character of our wines with máximum honesty and respect. We have a native variety “the monastrell”, still unknown for a lot of people not only from outside but from the ones of this area.

Are there other wine makers you look up to and why?
There are a lot of producers I admire, not only the oldest ones but the youngest too, because these new generations, apart of being better academically prepared, they show deepest respect to what our ancestors have done in the past, adding an updated style and still taking great care of the vineyards. I would say I admire producers from Galicia, Rioja, Aragón, to the south of France and even from Jumilla.

What’s your favorite recipe and do you have a favorite wine to pair it with?
I enjoy the grilled unsalted cod with extra virgin olive oil, Cuquillo black olives and roasted onions all in the same grill, all this with our Familia Pacheco Monastrell Organic.

Favorite moment from your career?
It is very difficult for me to choose a favourite moment, as this career is very dynamic and good things and bad are happening all the time. I feel satisfied with the first planting of vines in 2007, with my family and following my criteria, because of 2 reasons: Firstly, the soils were very difficult and no one had ever planted vines in these before, and secondly because in that moment, my father let “go the reins” of our business and started to delegate to me.

What is your favorite part of the creative process of creating wine?
I like the harvest very much. After having watched the grapes grow and ripen all year and taken measures according to the weather during the year, we have to understand the fruit and make decisions: if we use the entire grape or destemming, more or less time of maceration, etc. Every year is completely different and it is very rewarding, as then, you realize there is no fixed recipe.

What’s your favorite place you’ve travelled to?
I love “nature”  tourism. I’m fortunate to have travelled to Los Andes Argentinos passing through Mendoza, but I also like Iceland very much.

If you had any advice for someone who wanted to create wine what would you tell them?
A very simple one: observe and know your vineyards very well, its soil and be very honest when elaborating, giving value to your vineyard above all, with, practically, no intervention.

When you’re not drinking wine what’s your drink of choice?
I always drink wine, and of course, wines that are not mine. At present, I am very excited with the Atlantic ones, with a fresh character and smart minerality. I also love the new wines from Jerez.

Favorite music?
Local Pop Rock and international, for example, Coldplay, Pink and the local, Amaral, Los Planetas, etc…

Any fun hobbies?
Travel and hiking in the mountain.

What is the most challenging and rewarding part of wine making during the pandemic?
The most rewarding thing was the quality of this vintage. It rained a lot in Spring, as I have never seen before, and the summer was very dry and hot. These conditions were great to receive a balanced Monastrell at the winery, and also, that’s the reason why the wines are round and open, from the very first moment. In my opinion, the wines aged in the vineyard so it was not necessary to polish at the winery.

The challenge, at present, is to keep intact the structure and the team, but, at this point, I think that we will be able to achieve it and we will emerge stronger out of this crisis. We are just about to get the Safety and  Quality Food Certification, which is very important for us, thank to the effort of all Viña Elena’s Team.

Featured Wines

A classic partner to wood fired pizza, rack of lamb or char-grilled steak.

Very well-coloured and bright. Nose: Monastrell brings fruity smooth warm flavours, Syrah aroma and finesse. Palate: Characteristic smooth fruit driven wine which is exceptionally easy to drink.

Aroma: medium intensity, fresh red fruit (red cherries). Refreshing sensation. Taste: fruity, really jovial wine with a hint of licorice which gives to the wine freshness. Balance, agreeable and persistent.

Pairs well with anything on the patio with great friends.

To honor the cute little polka-dotted predators who prey on tiny pests like aphids and keep our fruit pristine. These select parcels of fruit become the ultimate mélange of prettiness and punch (fruit punch that is).

A beautiful, bright vibrant pink colour, smelling strongly of currant flowers, raspberry and citrus notes. On the palate, the wine is wonderfully dry and crisp, with fruit and floral characters exploding with intense and lingering flavours. Luscious and perfectly balanced, this is a sophisticated and more-ish rose.Try it with baked salmon, as the acidity and flavours ideally complement the richness of the fish.

Pressing after total destemming with exclusive use of free run juice, with temperature control to 12º-14º Celsius. The wine remained in contact with fine lees for 4 months. Beautiful, intense and lively pink colour. With a very fruity profile this wine offers pleasant notes of red fruits and blackberries. Very light and refreshing this wine is ideal to drink as an aperitif.