Artisans and Vines May 2023 Newsletter

Interview Spotlight

1. What inspired you to create your collection of portfolio wineries?
The key for me was to find several small producers which weren’t develop on export markets and as well not really inspired in marketing… Before starting working with them I always used to go to the winery to visit the vineyard and their winery to see how they worked. Moreover the key was to find a real long term partnership with them. I’m proud to say that I work with most of them for more than 20 years.

2. Are there winemakers/wineries you look up to and why? Looking for small properties was meaning that the owner is involved in all stage of making wine. Working in the vineyards, harvesting, vinifying and ageing the wine. They are in charge of everything and the quality of the wine they make depends 100% of their work. It’s really different from the “big chateaux”.

3. What’s your favorite recipe and do you have a favorite wine to pair it with?
I’m a fan of Côte de boeuf and of course I love a rich and powerful wine like Chateauneuf du Pape or a rich Monastrell from Jumilla in Spain.

4. Someone very special is coming over for dinner- which wine do you serve?
It depends. I’ve been traveling a lot in Asia and especially in China and every day the customers were asking me what is the best wine you have ever tasted. I’ve got the chance to taste several times Petrus, Lafite, Mouton, Margaux, DRC or other big ones but I was always saying the same thing: When I was 21 years old, during Summer holidays, I went from France to Greece by car (an old Citroen Méhari) with my girlfriend. I was in love with her and wanted to marry her. I was student without a lot of money, but one day I bought a bottle of rosé wine (from Greece) and during dinner I asked her in marriage and she said YES !!! Thanks to this rosé wine, we are married for 38 years !!!!!!! So, I was always saying to these Chinese customers, that you do not need to buy very expensive wine to get happy ! The key is with whom you drink it.

5. What’s your favorite place you’ve travelled to?
Definitively Spain. I love this beautiful country, the climate and the excellent food.

6. If you had any advice for someone who wanted to become involved in wine importing what would you tell them?
Before starting working with a producer, go to visit it and understand how he works.

7. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
As a child, of course I wanted to be a policeman or a fireman. Then after a few years I always wanted to be involved in trade to meet people.

8. When you aren’t working, how do you like to spend your time?
Staying at home in Bordeaux or in our house in Spain, sailing with my wife, family and/or friends riding moto with friends in Europe, and  enjoying time with our grandchildren.

9. If you weren’t in the wine industry, what would you do as your career?
It’s a good question but I really do not know!

New Wines

We have a lot of new wine out this spring! This month we are featuring a wine company from Oregon known as Teutonic Wine Company. Teutonic has quite the following and we are thrilled to bring their wines to many of the businesses we partner with.

Winemaker Barnaby Tuttle at Teutonic Wine Company uses grapes from vineyards across a variety of Oregon vineyard regions with a focus on sustainability. From their website, “Only working with cool-climate growing sites, adhering to natural farming practices and minimal intervention, Teutonic wines reflect all that is natural in winemaking, from the vineyard, to the cellar, and to the bottle.”

Currently, we carry the 2021 Gewertz/Pinot Noir Red Blend, the 2022 “Jazz Odyssey”-a blend of Riesling and Gerwürtztraminer, the “ 2021 Bacalao” White Tannat, and the 2021 “Bergspritz” Pinot Noir. Click the links or check out our website for more information. 

Prowein Recap

Eric Platt represented Artisans and Vines at the Prowein wine event in Germany last month. This was our first time being back since 2019. Prowein is now the largest wine trade event in the world! Eric visited with current partners and met winemakers from across the globe.  It is such a great event that was dearly missed during the pandemic.

(Top left and going clockwise: The Koster-Wolf Family, Stephen Erbes from Karl Erbes, Eric Lustig and family from Lustig Wines, and Marcus Haag from Willi Haag wines.)


We enjoyed visiting with winemakers from across the Atlantic and then later last month we had several winemakers from across the globe visit us in the Washington DC area. Alejandra Sarmiento, export manager from Bodegas Tempore was here sharing wine and knowledge from the Independent line of their wines. Anne Charlotte, winemaker and owner of Chateau de la Font du Loup, visited many of our partners. She also hosted a wine pairing dinner at an esteemed restaurant in Richmond, VA called Longoven alongside Terence Shiple. Finally, Rickey Trombetta, owner of Trombetta Family Wines, was here visiting partners and hosted a wine dinner at Avenel Country Club. We love having winemakers in town!

(Top left going clockwise: Eric Platt with Alejandra Sarmiento from Bodegas Tempore, Anne Charlotte Melia-Bachas at Longoven restaurant, and Rickey Trombetta, owner of Trombetta Family Wines, with the General Manager at Terrain Cafe in Bethesda, MD. )

April Showers….

April showers bring May flowers and…rosè!…as well as Mother’s day, weddings, celebrations and patio season. We love this wine anytime of year, but it is especially perfect for all things spring. On the left is the Perfectus Provence Rosè. This wine is an expression of the blending of various grapes typical of the Provence area appellations: 25% Grenache chosen for its full-bodied texture, 25% Cinsault for softness, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon with its black fruits and 25% Syrah with its full fruity character. On the right is the Belle Jardin Rosè. It is made from 100% French grapes, a blend of Gamay, Cabernet, and Grolleau. Fresh and fruity on the nose with nice persistence onthe palate. This wine is perfect as an aperitif or with dessert. 

Wine Portfolio Show

Calling all of our friends in the wine trade industry! Join us for our Inaugural Wine Portfolio Show this June at Pennyroyal Station in Mt. Rainier, MD (just on the DC line!) Be sure to RSVP to hold your spot. We look forward to seeing you!