Silencio Speaks Out

Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam and consider Estancia de Silencio from Bodegas Viña Elena of Jumilla

As the times are a changing, so is the packaging which :

  1. Draws attention to the mediteranean character of the wine.
  2.   Depicts the gorgeous sense of space one gets whilst rambling in the hills of Murcia.
  3. An activity greatly loved by Elena Pacheco, manager of this family winery alongside other relatives.


Estancia del Silencio: BIB

In these changing times, the consumption of BIB has skyrocketed as the consumer has choosen the convenience of buying more less frequently and this BIB is without doubt one of the most eyecatching in the BIB category and offers sensational value for money.

Forever young?

The Spanish wine Advisory council has been reporting since 2019 that Increasingly, consumers are reading wine labels, both front and back, to understand the healthfulness of the wines they’re buying.
In a Wine Intelligence survey of more than 2,000 regular wine drinkers, consumers ranked the desirability of SOLA wines (Sustainable, Organic, Low Alcohol). Organic wines top the list and this is an opportunity for Spanish producers.


We also believe the younger consumer will be wowed by the juicy easy drinking style of Estancia de Silencio Monastrell, a grape often liked by Malbec lovers on account of it’s fruit forward style and expression.

Why not give Silencio the chance to shout? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind ….

Bodegas Viña Elena


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