Peramo Anniversario Rosé

An elegant sparkler made from the Veneto’s Raboso Piave—a unique grape typically used in full-bodied, still, red wines. Refreshing, opulent, and pairs gracefully with any course.  This serious rosé is as stunning as its bottle!

47 Anno Domani Estate & Winery—owned by the Tombacco Family since 1919—sits on 100 acres of organic clay soil along the Piave River, a microclimate enhanced by the Garbin winds emanating from the Venice lagoon.  With a commitment to environmental preservation, the winery employs sustainable & non-invasive practices, boasting organic & strict vegan certifications.




Raboso Piave 85%, Pinot Noir 12%, Chardonnay 3%

Serving Temperature


Alcohol By Volume


Food Pairings

aperitivo, pesce crudo, antipasti, formaggi