Interview with Anna Monticelli

Interview with Anna Monticelli

What inspired you to create your collection of wines?
First and foremost our collection of wines is centered around the Napa Valley. I grew up coming to Napa with my parents for picnics on the weekends while they went wine tasting. My love of Cabernet Sauvignon and all of the Bordeaux varietals is the reason why I worked the 2000 vintage at Chateau Cheval-Blanc in Bordeaux. It’s very fun for us to make both new world and old world wines as they are so different from one another. We strive to make very terroir driven wines, showcasing the earth from which they came.

Are there other wine makers you look up to and why?
Mario and I were both mentored by Philippe Melka. Mario was his assistant winemaker for five years and I was his assistant winemaker for seven years. He is a brilliant winemaker that is very intuitive and artistic yet he also utilizes scientific principles and modern technology. The greatest thing I learned from him was how to make wines immediately approachable yet age worthy, impactful yet elegant.

What’s your favorite recipe and do you have a favorite wine to pair it with?
Oh I am completely obsessed with food and I could never choose a favorite recipe. I cook food from all over the world…. I love Italian, French, Californian, Greek, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Mexican, the list could go on forever. What I love so much about food and wine is that it triggers memories and emotions in a way that no other sense can. We always have several bottles of wine open so it’s all about your mood and what you would like to drink. That being said, if I go to a French restaurant, I love to drink French wine with the food. Same with Italian.

Favorite moment from your career?
My favorite moment was probably tasting with Robert Parker. I tasted with him twice when I was the assistant winemaker at Bryant Family. Several years later I was able to present my wines to him for a few years before he retired, this time as the winemaker for Pina Napa Valley, Tether and Stack House. He is such an icon in our industry and such a wonderful humble human being. It was truly an honor.

What is your favorite part of the creative process of creating wine?
My favorite part is that it never ends. I am always thinking about these wines from the vineyard, during fermentation, throughout the aging process, going into bottle and afterwards during bottle aging. There are so many avenues to explore, new things to try and things you can learn. It’s just like cooking where are you never stop learning, building and creating.

What’s your favorite place you’ve travelled to?
That’s another tough question but one of my favorite places on the planet is Barolo. I feel like I’m in a fairytale when I’m there. It’s so beautiful and magical. Truly one of a kind.

If you had any advice for someone who wanted to create wine what would you tell them?
You need good quality grapes to make good wine and it all starts in the vineyard.

What’s your go to drink on a winter day?
Winter, spring, summer or fall, I always start with white wine and then move into red. I love wines from all over the world so it just depends on what I feel like that day. Always wine.

Any holiday traditions you love?
We have three small children so most of our holiday traditions revolve around them. Making my kids hot chocolate while decorating the Christmas tree, riding the Napa Valley Santa wine train, eating caviar and drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve. My oldest looks forward to the caviar all year long!

Favorite music?
I love all styles of music but I’ve been currently obsessed with Italian music. I really like listening to Eros Ramazzotti because he’s easy to understand and he helps me learn Italian!

Favorite sports team?
The Barolo Boys!

Any fun hobbies?
Traveling, eating, drinking, making wine and cooking. ❤️

Featured Monticelli Wines

The Stack House Cabernet Sauvignon bursts from the glass with aromas of blackberry, cherry, black currant and raspberry liqueur. Layers of crushed rock, spice and toasty oak compliment the fruit driven core.

The Tether Napa Valley Chardonnay possesses seductive aromas of jasmine, crushed limestone rock, quince, white peaches, tropical fruit and toasted coconut. This full-bodied Chardonnay is remarkably finessed and polished. There is balanced acidity on the palate and tremendous depth and length on the finish.

This Bordeaux-style blend from winemaker Anna Monticelli is fleshy, rich and easy to love. Smell and taste black cherries, dark plums, baking spices and vanilla. Long finish. Even better with a 30 minute decant.

The Vermentino Maremma Toscana is a brilliant white that has clean, crisp, fresh aromas and flavors (white peach, pineapple, hints of minerality), medium body, good acidity, and a balanced, straight-up gulpable style.

The M.A. MONTICELLI Langhe Nebbiolo offers beautiful aromas of raspberry, blueberry, wild cherry, fresh rose petals, blue flowers and tilled earth. The late-ripening Nebbiolo varietal fared beautifully in this vintage with ideal weather leading up to the harvest.

Featured Wines Perfect for the Holidays

100% Glera (Prosecco). Sparkling, pale bright lemon. Intense fruit fragrance of peach, pear, green apple and a sensation of citrus fruit that fades into floral with notes of wisteria and acacia. Balanced and smooth with fresh acidity. A “classic” Prosecco.

Attractive pale gold straw color with white and gold hints. Fine beads of bubbles. Citrus aromas with notes of brioche, pear and almond. Fine and elegant.

Cherry-red and fine beads of bubbles. Complex aromas which wisely blend the fruity tones of the Trepat variety. Fresh, warm, pleasant and rounded, persistent aftertaste.

Big, toasty and yeasty, this wine is mature but having a bright lively acidity that keeps this champagne from being heavy.

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